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Rocket Science

Is this the End of the Thrashers?

Increasing signs suggest that the team might be sold and moved to Winnipeg.

Alex Burmistrov: Grinder?

Bryan Little: Don't Call it a Comeback

BWA's analysis of each member of the Thrashers. Up today: Bryan Little.

Zach Bogosian: What Happened?

BWA's analysis of each member of the Thrashers. Up today: Zach Bogosian.

Comedy And Tragedy: An Update On The Thrashers' Tragic Number

An update on the ever-miniscule playoff odds for the Atlanta Thrashers. Break out your microscopes.

Welcome To The Tragic Kingdom: A Look At The Thrashers' (And Other Teams') Tragic Numbers.

The Thrashers are down, but shockingly not out. Come, watch the countdown until elimination is official!

A Look At How The Thrashers Came Back Against The Flyers

Shooting from anywhere obviously doesn't work. Shooting in close? Yup. A look at where the Thrashers' shots and goals came from in their 5-4 overtime win against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Comparing Peverley and Wheeler

The Quit Factor

The Thrashers seem to have more late-game collapses than most other NHL teams, and it can be clearly shown in the data. A quick look at how Atlanta seems to be giving up (at least compared to other teams in the NHL.)

Five Game Report Card: Games Fifty-one Through Fifty-Five

Second Verse, Same as the First?

The 2010-2011 Thrashers are experiencing a bit of a collapse after a strong start. That feels a lot like the 2009-2010 Thrashers who crashed and burned in December. A comparison of the performance of the two teams with two charts.

Five Game Report Card: Games Forty-Six through Fifty

Five Game Report Card: Games Forty-Six through Fifty. Antropov looks good, the rest of the team? Not so much.

Five Game Report Card: Games Forty-One through Forty-Five

Gameday: Thrashers at Panthers

A Quick Look at Penalty Kill Stats

Five Game Report Card: Games Thirty-Six through Forty

Five Game Report Card: Games Thirty-One through Thirty-Five

Thrashers PP: Who Is Most Effective with Extra Man?

We look at who is on the ice when the Power Play is most efficient.

Five Game Report Card: Games Twenty-Six through Thirty

Five Game Report Card: Games Twenty-One through Twenty-Five

Salary Doesn't Matter

Five Game Report Card: Games Sixteen through Twenty

Five Game Report Card: Games Eleven through Fifteen

Micro Stats: Enstrom-Byfuglien Strong ES Defense Pairing

An early look at shots differentials to see which players are doing best or worst at controlling scoring chances.

Five-Game Report Card: Games One through Five

The Thrashers got a strong start to the 2010-2011 season picking up 6 of 10 possible points facing tough opposition. We take a look at some of the leading performers over this period.

Stats Point to Improved Thrashers Forecheck

A look at what the micro-stats tell us about the Thrashers first few games.

How is Coach Ramsay Using His Roster?

We look at how all the new Thrashers are being used and which players have seen their role increase or decrease.

Rookie Camp Wraps Up, Training Camp Roster Released

Thrashers Training Camp Preview: Depth but not Superstars

We preview Training Camp job battles and make a few predictions.

Rookie Camp Preview, Day Four

In this last post of a series, Bird Watchers Anonymous profiles the seven defensemen who have been invited to Thrashers rookie camp to compete for a spot in training camp.

Rookie Camp Preview, Day Two

In the second of a series of posts, we look at four of the forwards who will be competing for a spot at the Thrashers' training camp later this month.