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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Saturay, May 7th

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I'm alive! Well, ok, only technically.

Thrashers News:

Eric Boulton's invading your home! Catch him on the NHL Network as an analyst on the 8th and 9th.

The Sherrif's son was taken early in the 2nd round of the WHL draft.

Completing the Blueland Blog link triumvirate, our social media following's getting stronger.

Radek Dvorak is also drinking the Kool-Aid.

Masonry believes that the team didn't know what they were doing for a while this season. Well, NS,S.

Around the NHL:

Forget the fact that the NHL's coming down on the Green Men like they came down on the Wings fans - at least they got to meet Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Thank God this series isn't Detroit/Nashville - someone just would have thrown an octopus at her.

The Wings can't solve the San Jose Sharks. This could be because they're meeting in the 2nd and not 3rd round.

SB Nation Caps blog Japers' Rink looks at the truncated playoff run of the Capitals. They didn't go out of their way to blame injuries - that was left to the mainstream media.

A new plan for the sale of the 'Yotes should be released soon
. The fact that the Thrashers' asking price is $110 million might influence how much the Coyotes're on the market for.

My first thought was "Hey! They get super cool playoff swag for STH!" My second thought was "Hey! They make the playoffs!"

The CBC looks at the top surprising playoff scorers in history. Buff's on there - you can't tell me anyone expected him to elevate his game the way that he did last season.