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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Wednesday, May 4th

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Much apologies for the lack of updates. The storms screwed up my home internet connection this weekend, and to top that off I've been sick with nil energy. Today's links'll be Thrashers related only, as I'm typing this before returning to bed for another 4 hour nap.

Thrashers News:

Ben keeps us updated on the hell of a job that the guys are doing at the WCs so far - especially Ondrej Pavelec. Also, Team USA's experiencing the Tim Stapleton phenomenon. Feel the rush!

Chris Thorburn just tries to be a good teammate and leader. Yet again, the Thrashers prove that the most important players on the team are the gritty, blue collar guys who know what need to be done and get out there and do it.

God only knows what's going on with the sale of the team, but apparently The Balkan met with Atlanta Spirit and wants to purchase all three properties. Best of luck there, though if he just wants one the Thrashers by themselves can be had for $110 million. Bargain!


Check back later today as I would like to write something updating everyone on the WCs, or maybe even my eventual "Jim Slater Getting Concussed Killed the Season" post. That one's only been on the backburner since March. Of course, all this is contingent on if my computer at work decides to work/if I'm still alive. If anyone knows of a quality inexpensive mold test, please let me know.