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Noon Press Conference Scheduled In Winnipeg To Announce Sale Of Thrashers

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Marianne Helm - Getty Images

Finally, the plug has been pulled. After weeks of confirmation of a sale to no confirmation to "80% done" to "we have local interest!" to "you don't know what the NHL has tried to do for Atlanta," the Thrashers are finally going to be sold to True North Sports and Entertainment.

Is a move a done deal? Of course not. Is it a forgone conclusion? Probably. Next step is the Board of Governors meeting on June 21st, where the issue has to be voted upon. Is there some way that they can read the by-laws the same way that I did and keep the team here in Atlanta? Of course. Is it financially in their best interest to find competent ownership and keep the team here versus moving them to Winnipeg? Duh.

For those of you who want to watch the kicking out of the stool, will be broadcasting the presser live. Me, personally, I don't think that I can watch it. I can barely find the words to write this.

To the NHL, I hope you're happy with the way that you treated a small-market fanbase. Dear God, don't let this be a sign of things to come with other struggling teams. To Winnipeg, congrats. You got your team back, though at the expense of another city. At least you got a chance to say goodbye to your team before they were moved to Phoenix. We won't. We won't be able to go to one last game at Philips Arena and give them the standing ovation they deserved.

At least the league and the owners of the Jets decided to respect you as fans, because we've had none of that at all.