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Chris Thorburn Seems Unhappy With The Atlanta Spirit Group Too.

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Who'd like to see Thorburn do this to one of the owners?
Who'd like to see Thorburn do this to one of the owners?

Say what you want to about Chris Thorburn's play on the ice. I know some of you guys don't quite understand why some of us fawn over him, but he's never ever taken a shift off. He obviously loves it here and he loves the team - and that carries over to the current situation. Unlike goaltender Chris Mason (who seems to be finding new and exciting ways to insult the team via interviews with Canadian media), Thorburn wants to stay put, and this situation's starting to tick him off.

Buck Lanford of Fox5 posted an interview with Thorbs on his Facebook page. For those of you who are video-free, here's what Thorburn had to say:

Just for owners to turn their backs on you, it kind of makes you mad. Obviously we don't know every aspect of the deal and where they're coming from. It hasn't been publicly noted in the paper. From everything we've heard, from rumors that we've heard, it's discouraging just knowing that they're trying to dump us. That makes a guy mad.

Damn straight it does, Chris. Damn straight. I was waiting for Thorbs to have a moment like this guy... but hey, I'm sure most of us have already, haven't we?