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And I guess I say hello here, maybe for one of the last times. Who knows? I'm terrible (just turrible) with predictions. I'm even worse with emotional stuff - and absolutely awful with the tears. Everyone knows that I'm not from around these parts and that I grew up with the Blues. But dammit, the Thrashers grew up with me.

You guys are a part of my family. The obnoxious guys in 108. The Nasty Nest. The fan club. The fantastic people that I meet every week before games for a beer and some Moe's in the CNN Center - this site. You mean the world to me. It's silly sounding, I know, but hockey's been a huge part of my life since I've been little. It's been great to finally find people in Atlanta who love and respect the game as much as I do. It took a while, but this is one of the best, tight knit communities in the league with some really, really solid people.

Matt, Tim, and Aaron - thank you so much for bringing me on BWA. I'm glad that I could help out in any way possible at the most sane (!) Thrashers site on the net. You, the posters, are always so intelligent and so good to each other. You have differences, but you know that as Thrashers fans you have a common bond.

I'll be at the TailWake tomorrow, grilling out and drinking the beer. Please, feel free if you haven't met me to come by the black Jeep Liberty with the grill and the Cardinals stuff on it - and the little Slava Kozlov dog tag hanging from the rear view mirror. Say hi, have a sausage, mooch a beer - I don't care. Even have some hummus. Live on the edge. Regardless, I'd love to meet you. If you've met me, please swing by and say hi, as this might be the last time that we get to see each other in Thrasher blue.

I love my guys at St. Louis Game Time - they're my internet hockey family. You guys, though - y'all are my real life hockey family. And I'd never trade it for the world.

From my favorite TV show, Absolutely Fabulous, I thought that this quote was appropriate:

Eddie: The word on the old grave marker, the words on your grave marker. What is that?
Patsy: Oh, your epitomb.
Eddie: Your epitomb. What is that you want on your epitomb?
Patsy: I want: "She was fantastic."

I'd love to put that the Thrashers were fantastic on their epitomb. Not necessarily because of their on-ice play, but because they brought me you guys. Thank you so much for reading whatever piddle I could come up with on here, SB Nation, and Thrashing the Blues. Why you read me I'll never understand. But I'll always appreciate it.

I'll see you guys at the tailgate - and to echo Timmy (even though I'm horrible at these sorts of things) - I love all of you guys. Thank you for making these past eleven years of Thrasher Hockey so very special.