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Chris Vivlamore'  has published an article on the AJC's website stating everything that none of us want to hear. The Atlanta Spirit Group have apparently entered into talks with True North Sports Enterprises to sell and move the Thrashers to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

 It's not a done deal yet, and the TNSE haven't commented on it, but the situation is fairly bleak. Owner Bruce Levenson also will not comment, telling Vivlamore:

"I have never confirmed nor denied specific parties we have been talking to in regards to a possible sale of the Thrashers," Atlanta Spirit co-owner Bruce Levenson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday.

Again, this is Mr. Unnamed Source, who has been a very busy bee, is leaking information again. Considering that Chris Vivlamore's reporting on it, the chances that this is a high schooler from Manitoba again is slim.

 In order to move by the start of next season, the Board of Governors must vote to approve the sale and the move of the franchise. If not, a move will have to wait until the 2012-2013 season, prolonging the drama that much more. Vivlamore mentions that the Thrashers have been looking for a buyer for several years; in actuality, the legal problems of the ownership group made it impossible for them to sell the team before December, 2010.

Six months. Phoenix is going on two years, in comparison. I think that it's extremely fair to question where the NHL has been on this. Anyone with any ability to read understand that this hasn't been going on for years. It's significantly shorter than any other saga in relocation history. That MARTA bus that just drove by Philips Arena? We're about to be underneath it.

I'd love to do some in-depth reporting, but I'm currently mad as hell and need to drink. I'll be at the Taco Mac on Chastain Road in Kennesawat some point this evening with my 20 oz mug. Feel free to come by, vent, cry, have a taco. Maybe I'll go out from cirrhosis of the liver before the team moves.