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Bruce Levenson Interview On 11 Alive News Proves What We All Know

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If you were expecting an intelligent interview here, well, why?

On a  local television interview on 11 Alive News, Bruce Levenson displays his incompetence multiple times in increasingly impressive fashion. He laughs when Jeff Hullinger asks if the Atlanta Spirit owning the Thrashers next season but continuing to shop the team is a possibility. He asks the fans to send investors his way (everyone buy lotto tickets, people!). He basically says that he regrets owning the team.

While I'm very glad that the NHL has finally started to vet owners after the Boots scandal, it irritates me that they couldn't bother to vet this ownership group.

For a full transcript, head over to SB Nation Atlanta. And, in case you want a panic attack regarding the sale of the team, the Atlanta Business Chronicle says that a sale could happen this weekend. Of course, that's per Mr. Unnamed Source, and we all know how reliable he is.