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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Saturday, April 9th

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That was an absolutely atrocious game last night. It's fun to watch the team when they've quit, isn't it? I've never seen them so unenthusiastic about playing in my life, and in front of a crowd of 14,652 who probably would have been better served by going to the Braves' home opener.

Thrashers News:

Here's Ben Wright's re-cap, the SB Nation Atlanta write-up, and Chris Vivlamore's.

Canes Country has a different take on it, probably because they won.

Around the NHL:

With the win tonight, Carolina's in 8th in the East, and with Pittsburgh's win, they hopped the Flyers in the standings. In the Western Conference, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Red Wings 4-2, all but cementing their place in the playoffs.

Lighthouse Hockey's taking wagers for the last Islanders' goal of the season. Want to give that a go here? Evander Kane. Bank on it.

Speaking of wagers, the Pensblog is doing their annual Rinkotology competition. Enrollment ends April 13th at 5. It should be fun, is open to everyone - not just Pens fans - and the top prize is $1000. I'd say that's worth a $10 entry fee.

Ryan Lambert over at Puck Daddy says that it's not necessarily the coach's fault when a team isn't playing well. As we all know, having the team actually pay attention to the coach is also helpful, like when he tells them to stop fancy drop-passes and they continue to do so, night in and out.

Mike Modano's retiring if the Wings make the Cup finals. If it's a Boston/Detroit final, we'll get to see Modano and Mark Recchi both play their last game. If it's not, well, they'll probably just play forever.



Here's this nugget from CViv's recap:

Ramsay said he considered pulling Pavelec after the fifth goal.

"I certainly wasn’t blaming the goalie," he said. "I wanted the team to take responsibility, the players to take responsibility. There was some good talk on the bench that they owed it to him to get back and play our game. I wanted to see our team do it. I felt bad for our goalie. He didn’t deserve that."

So, what made you want to leave him in - did you want to see how much more awesome the next temper tantrum would be? Hoping that he'd fling his stick boomerang style and decapitate Jeff Skinner?