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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Thursday, April 7th

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A reminder - tonight's game is on Versus, but I'm pretty sure it'll be the MSG broadcast crew and not the Versus one. They used the Blackhawks' feed last night for the broadcast, so I'm guessing it'll be close to the same tonight.

Thrashers News:

Well, this is more or less Wolves news, but the Thrashers've signed defenseman Zach Redmond and have assigned him to the Wolves. They've also called up Chris Carrozzi, Patrick Galivan and Michael Forney from Gwinnett.

Blake Wheeler answers some fan questions.

Who (if anyone) should win the end of the year awards for the team?


Around the NHL:

The Islanders might've lost last night, but they have something special in Michael Grabner. Jeff Skinner might want to watch out - his Calder isn't a sure thing.

The Flyers'll be playing with three goalies in the playoffs, but they'll be starting rookie Sergei Bobrovsky in the first round.

Marty Turco probably isn't under investigation for his little wager with a Habs fan on Tuesday night. No matter how you slice it, Turco's a hoot, and not just for his five-hole.

Marc-Andre Fleury has been playing solid hockey, especially since Crosby and Malkin went down - but is he a Hart candidate?


Your video of the day - apparently Marian Hossa's taking up soccer as a hobby. Good to see that distinct kicking motions don't count. Also, if you pay close attention, you'll see Hoss' stick doesn't hit the puck again at the end. A blown call possibly screwed over three teams last night and all but cemented Chicago's place in the playoffs.