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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Wednesday, April 6th

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Remember everything that I said about Chris Mason usually being strong against his old team? Scratch that. By the way, you're welcome Nashville.

Thrashers News:

Well, that was awful. Here's Chris Vivlamore's recap. I boycotted the game thanks to the fact that I was hosting friends for dinner. Apparently I missed nothing. Oh, wait, I missed "big mistakes" even though it was a "real good game." Helpful hint, Coach. When you allow the opposition to score six goals, it's not a "real good game." It's more than a bit of a stinker.

Also, the same defensive pairing was allowed on ice for the first four goals against, and of course they allowed back to back goals in under a minute. I know Ramsay's said that he doesn't want the next line out to have a problem with what just happened on the ice, but wouldn't that constitute a, I don't know, next line? Why does he keep putting players out there that've just been scored on a nanosecond before when it's pretty evident what the response'll be?

Jordin Tootoo is a force to be reckoned with. I never thought that I would type that.


NHL News:

These're unique. The Thrasher/Canuck one's interesting. The Blues/Flyers mashup though is an offense to the Plager Bros.

Gosh, it's an NHL 11 injury come to life. Get well soon, Troy Brouwer.

I will never begrudge someone their nachos and beer, but this doesn't seem like the most effective way to get a team back.

Apologies for the length of the links, but wine + a decent sized dinner = zzzz.