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Thrashers Can Help The Predators Clinch A Playoff Spot

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Well, you know, at least it's not a division title. Variety!

Anywho, expect to see Chris Mason in goal if Craig Ramsay continues rotating the goaltenders. Mason has always played extremely well against his former club, getting a few shutouts and shootout wins over the years against them. The rest of the team? Well, Nashville's never lost to Atlanta twice in the same season, so temper those expectations.

Wait, they're already tempered? Carry on, then!

Here's the statistical match-up:

78 GP 79
33 W 42
33 L 26
12 OT 11
78 P 95
0.500 P% 0.601
2.68 G/G 2.57
3.14 GA/G 2.33
18.3 PP% 15.3
77.5 PK% 84.7
31.6 S/G 29.0
32.5 SA/G 30.4
48.7 FO% 50.0