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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Monday, April 4th.

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Not much doing on the Thrashers front, obviously.

NHL News:

Mandi Schwartz, the sister of St. Louis Blues prospect Jaden Schwartz, passed away from leukemia yesterday. She was 23. She gained national attention with her fight against cancer, especially after being featured on Puck Daddy last summer.

This week's Stat Nerd Sunday is worth the read if not for the photo alone. It's like Billy Barty and the Jolly Green Giant.

Bill McCreary has reffed his last game. You might remember him shaking hands with the Habs after their 3-1 win last week in what would be the the last game reffed for that franchise. He's been in the NHL two days short of forever, and during that time has become known for his mustache and his occasional bad calls.

Second City Hockey's recap of last night's loss to the Bolts is probably one of the better thought out and disturbing analogies for a hockey game that I've read for a while.

Either winning the Presidents' Trophy means playoff success, or it means an early exit at the hands of an "inferior" opponent. Houses of the Hockey looks at the Presidents' Trophy curse.

A bit late, but Down Goes Brown has some NHL April Fool's Day gags for you.