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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Sunday, April 3rd

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Apologies for the length of today's links - a sinus headache brought on by pollen and sports disappointment is making it a bit tough to type.

Thrashers News:

Finito. Bruins won, clinched the Northeast Division, and knocked the Thrashers out of the playoff race officially - everyone can stop "believing in miracles" now. Here's the NHL's recap, Ben Wright's, and Chris Vivlamore's.

NHL News:

The Capitals won, beating the Sabres, while the Canes won... making the race for the East a heck of a lot tighter at the bottom. Devils got eliminated yesterday as well, so we're not alone.

The Ottawa Senators signed Stephane De Costa just the other day, and now he's getting ready for his closeup. Dang. Stuff works quickly in that franchise.

Speaking of signings of hot young players, the Phoenix Coyotes signed NCAA top scorer and Hobey Baker award finalist Andy Miele to an entry level contract.

Former Thrasher Eric Belanger confirms what we've heard as rumors - players really don't want to go to Winnipeg.

And yet still, her husband hasn't attended a single Capitals game.

The NHL's bizarre Calder Trophy rules have cost Alex Pietrangelo a crack at a trophy he probably needed to be in the running for. He's having a great season - eleven goals, thirty assists, and a plus sixteen. Weird what happens when a good young defenseman is groomed properly and time's taken.

And noo, I have no idea who I could be comparing Petro to.