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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Saturday, April 23rd

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Thrashers News:

Ben gives us a prospect update, for those of you guys who like to keep an eye on possible future Thrashers.

NHL News:

Couple of New Jersey Devils links. First off, In Lou We Trust looks at Devils attendance - it's not pretty.

Next up, the Devils really want to re-sign Johan Hedberg to another year. Moose, on the flip side, is implying he'd like to be by his family. Is retirement in the cards?

The home team has the lowest winning percentage in NHL Playoffs history so far this year - what's up with this "homefield advantage" not working?

Speaking of people with home ice disadvantage syndrome, Pension Plan Puppets counts down the eons since Carey Price last won a playoff game at home.

Something that's been lost in the shuffle with all of the Coyotes problems. If the team returns to Winnipeg, the Manitoba Moose will move. Two fanbases'll have their team ripped from them.

You've all heard the phrase "don't be that guy," right? Well, now you can figure out just who "that guy" is.