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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Friday, April 22

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Thrashers News:

Hey, is Tom Glavine The Balkan? Probably not, but he does want to help the Thrashers stay in town. You think this'll get people's attention? Did the Sermon on the Mount work?


NHL News:

Phoenix a-go-go. First up, from BizJournals Phoenix: NHL, Glendale, even Goldwater explore new financing to keep Coyotes. Will it work? Hulizer got up and walked out, but for good reason.

Mirtle reports on Ilya Bryzgalov -he's no fan of Winnipeg. He'd rather be in Russia.

Thursday Morning Cupcheck - By the Time We Get the Hell Out of Phoenix - I adore the fact that the author of this article actually points out that hockey in Phoenix did work well in the late 90s.

Finally, someone from a large market points out why we all need to support the Yotes. - We're All Phoenix Coyotes: Why Potential Relocation To Winnipeg Is Nothing To Cheer 

Days of Y'Orr has the flyer of the year.


Best thing that ESPN has ever done involving hockey - where's the Stanley Cup winning puck?

The Flyers and Sabres now hate each other. Focus that hate, guys. Maybe you'll create a black hole into which both your teams'll be sucked.



Finally, the video of the playoffs. We've all wanted to do this to someone who annoyed us. Andrew Ferrence lived the dream.