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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Thursday, April 21st

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Thrashers News:

You want a vague quote from Gary Bettman regarding the future of the franchise? Here you go.

Does it have anything to do with the latest "Balkan" update? Who the hell knows. All I know is I want some sort of a resolution so we can stop the speculation.

We haven't checked in on the Thrashers' progress in the Yelnats Cup playoffs in a while. Chris Thorburn's out 3-4 weeks? Oh noes!


NHL News:

While Buffalo took out the Flyers 1-0, the Washington Caps and New York Rangers, as well as the the Penguins and Lightning wound up all Overtime-a-go-go last night. (scores not final when links were written, and if I'm at work I can't update BWA, so I have faith in you guys to find

Rangers fans weren't happy with Bruce Boudreau's unkind words about their arena. I haven't heard an anti-coach slur or chant since that dude screamed "MIKE KEENAN SUCKS" during the last Brett Hull night in St. Louis. This one might match that one for hilarity.

Bruce also gets testy with reporters for asking "non-hockey questions" yesterday. Presumably they weren't "What's your favorite Hagan Daas flavor?"

Was last night the last game in Phoenix for the Coyotes? I hope not, because the uncertainty of their future might've deprived their fans of a chance to say a proper farewell.

Down Goes Brown has unearthed a mystical map of an NHL arena.

Jack Edwards, much like the rest of Boston and most of the hockey world, dislikes the Habs. He explains.