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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Monday, April 18th

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Thrashers News:

Bryan Little was second in the league in takeaway +/-. So, well, yay.

If you haven't yet seen it, the Thrashers' web site breaks down the first and second half of the year by the numbers.

Around the NHL:

Chicago's about get to swept at home. We got some Byfuglien, and you ain't got none... wanna Buff? PSYCH.*

Nashville is up on the Ducks 2-1. as are the Caps over the Rangers after Washington's loss at MSG today.

Down Goes Brown breaks down the Western Conference Playoff match-ups.

Thrashers are down to the Sens 2-0 in the Yelnats Cup. But hey, Z-Bo scored. Ahh, video games.

Which championship trophy is gaudiest? Well, I don't know - who's more obnoxious at a dance club, a Russian or an American. That should give you your answer.

Part of me thinks that Daniel will be just fine in game 4. If he can be on one of my playoff pool teams and not implode, anything's possible.





For the one Eddie Murphy fan who got that, thank you.