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Bird Droppings: Your Links for Saturday, April 16th.

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Thrashers News:

Part dos of the Dudley Q&A with Ben. If someone can follow the answer to the first question, please explain. You can say whatever you want about Don Waddell, but he seemed significantly more direct in his answers than Dudley does.

Dudley has been quite the busy Q&A guy. Next stop, the AJC, where C-Viv does some pretty good editing for clarity.

Dustin Byfuglien is all about the F-U-N this off-season. He also realizes that he's a leader in the locker room. It started by play, and it almost ended by default. Let's keep it about the play next year, huh Buff?

Atlanta is down 1-0 in the Yelnats Cup series. Is game two salvageable against the Sens? It sounds so if EA Sports' AI has it's way. BTW, the recaps here are HARD CORE. It's like reading a game re-cap, but where the Thrashers actually play well.


NHL News:

After Pittsburgh's dominant performance in the first game, who expected the 5-1 pounding they got in game two at home? Brooks Orpik's awesome hit set a tone for the first game, but I think it pissed the Bolts off the next game - mostly Eric Brewer (!) and Martin St. Louis. If I had a root canal the previous game, I'd be upset too.

Pavel Datsyuk got an award that everyone with any hockey sense would have given him any other year - the best Russian in the NHL. As much as I abhor the Wings (and we all know why), I think that Dats is amazing and I was thrilled to hear that he was Burmie's idol. I hope one day that Burmistrov lives up to his own expectations.

In more Wings news (ugh) they're fining people an insane amount for the octopus toss. This has to be a money grub by the city. Your unofficial mascot is the damn octopus. It's a tradition. Your ice guy picks the slimy thing up and twirls it on his way out to toss it away. Way to be party poopers, city of Detroit/NHL.

Days of Y'Orr is kind of miffed about that start to the playoffs.

I want to say that Blackhawks DL won the "celeb blogger" contest, because both Ryan Lambert and Chemmy are blogging over there, and that's not right.