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Bird Droppings: Your Links for Friday, April 15th.

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Gosh, Pevs must have had a flashback after this game. 31 SOG and not a darn thing to show for it.
Gosh, Pevs must have had a flashback after this game. 31 SOG and not a darn thing to show for it.

Well, thank goodness Friday's finally here, huh?


Thrashers News:

It's been nearly a week since the end of the Thrashers' season, and GM Rick Dudley offers up a postmortem Q&A. Here's part 1. It's some interesting, frustrating reading.

Jim Slater is the club's nominee for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy. It's for the player who has shown leadership on and off of the ice, and has contributed to the community in which he plays. Slater's one of the most active Thrashers in community service, and the fact that he wants to stay here and build a contender is leadership in my eyes. Congrats, Jimmah!

As mentioned earlier, the Thrashers' God-awful (personal opinion) 3rd jerseys are done after this year. They're not replacing them, though, so they'll assuredly be missing out on all that extra revenue they would have gotten if the fashion interns would have been able to unveil their latest abomination.

Around the NHL

Apparently Phoenix is about a coin flip's odds away from losing their hockey team. Sad stuff... wonder who Goldwater's really even watching out for in this.

Mike Modano's done after this year. Could someone explain to me what the point of him playing this season was, aside from spoiling all of those perfect retirement celebrations he should have had last year?

From Hockey Wilderness, it's a championship for the rest of us! Ladies and gentlemen... the Yelnats Cup!

Just when we thought we were done with the 'stache, Bill McCreary could come back next season. Well, at least Kerry Frasier stays gone.

Interesting look from Matchsticks and Gasoline as to why Atlanta, Florida, and the Islanders are poor examples of rebuilds. It can't be the whole "no possible success for the foreseeable future" thing, right?

Down Goes Brown previews the Eastern Conference matchups. I'm sure that the West's are forthcoming.