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Well, That Wasn't Supposed To Happen. Devils Win Lottery, Thrashers Fall to 7th Overall

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Wow. A team with a 3.6% chance of winning the draft lottery, one that hasn't drafted in the top five since 1991, wins the draft lottery and knocks all the teams save for the top three picks down a peg. Who in the world expected that to happen? new Jersey's always been criticized for lack of depth and youth and so on, so this is a good thing for them, and a pretty ok consolation prize for what they went through the first half of the year.

The Thrashers are drafting 7th. As the ATLThrashers twitter account mentioned, to have to 7th overall is not bad. The 7th overall picks for the past five drafts are Jeff Skinner (CAR) Nazem Kadri (TO) Colin Wilson (NSH) Jakub Voracek (CBJ) and Kyle Okposo (NYI). While there may not be anyone of that caliber in the top ten (check out TSN's rankings and fight over who you think we should choose), the Thrashers can still stand a chance of drafting someone of good quality. Hopefully next season they'll be able to develop him properly.


BTW, just to let you know, no links in the AM. I'm sick, and going to bed right after I post this.