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Bird Droppings: Your Links for Monday, April 11th

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I'm dumb and scheduled these to go up tomorrow, not today. My brain is still on spring break.

I hate the Monday after the season ends. Congrats to Chris Thorburn for winning the Players' Player award, Bryan Little for winning the Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy, and to Andrew Ladd for a much deserved MVP award. Extra special congrats to Mr. Fred and his 7th Man Award! Anyone who is responsible for those amazing photographs that he's taken year in and year out certainly deserves some major recognition.


Thrashers News:

That didn't exactly end how anyone wanted it to, but no one's shocked. Better luck next season with whoever rolls on out. Some kudos go to Tim Stapleton and Ben Maxwell for totally busting their butts all the time they were up here. Also, congrats to Dan Kamal on his 900th game called - wish it could have been a better one.

Here's Ben Wright's recap, Chris Vivlamore's, and SB Nation Atlanta's.

Craig Ramsay prefers to look back at the positive. Yep. There was a lot of positive from this season, and I'm very happy with the growth and promise showed this year. Unfortunately, the negatives outweighed the positives because we're not in the post-season. Hopefully the negatives are addressed this off-season. Majorly.

The Thrashers' average attendance finished at 13,112 for 27th in the NHL. That's skewed to the downside thanks to a few games at the start of the year, like the two against Buffalo and one against the Blue Jackets, that drew next to no one. The last half of the season had outstanding attendance, between 13K and 17K a game.

Don Waddell also updated the press on the situation of the team: nothing doing. Apparently one of the groups interested was in attendance Sunday night, so that's exciting. Gee gosh, was the Balkan in the house?


Around the NHL:

Masters of their own fate, the Dallas Stars decided to go the route of the Carolina Hurricanes and choke in their deciding game. The Chicago Blackhawks barely make it into the playoffs, while the Stars get to hang out at home for the rest of the off-season.

The playoffs begin on Wednesday! Sure, the Thrashers aren't in them, but they're still fun to watch. The matchup I'm looking forwards to? The Habs and Bruins. Or maybe the Canucks and Blackhawks. Sorry, but I'm pulling for Vancouver and Phoenix to win their series in the first round.


Please check back during this week as I try to get some post-season post-mortems up here, end of the year player "awards," and some other fun stuff to keep your attention. Don't forget to tune into Versus on Tuesday night for the Draft Lottery, in which the Thrashers can move all the way up to second overall or stay at sixth in an extremely average draft. Oh, the fun!

Oh, and no. Bogosian is not winning my pick for the Thrashers' Norris. Close but no cigar.