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Bird Droppings: Your Links For Sunday, April 10th

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And tonight ends the long, strange trip that this season's been. Win or lose, the last game of the year is usually pretty fun. Of course, it's been a long time since the Thrashers lost their closer, so there might be hope!

According to C-Viv, Boults is questionable for the game, hense the Carl Klingberg callup. Masonry's in goal. What, didn't feel comfortable with Pavelec after his freak-out?

Thrashers News:

Here're the previews: Chris Vivlamore's, the NHL's, and SB Nation Atlanta's.

Cue the usual "end of the season sensationalism." I'm disappointed in this. No substance, no new information, no conclusion - just limbo.

Of course, how much limbo could there be when the Thrashers are hiring sales reps for next year along with the Hawks?

NHL News:

The top eight are set in the East. Seeding is all that's left. Carolina, I am VERY disappointed in you. I wanted to make the "Hey! There're eight non traditional markets in the playoffs!" crack to the Winnitrolls. No fun.

With Carolina's elimination, there are now seven instead of eight "Sun Belt" teams in the playoffs: Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa Bay, and Washington (ish). But... hockey's Canada's sport! What is this insult? Oh, wait. The Habs and Canucks are in it, so... there are four times as many "non-traditional" markets as "traditional" in the playoffs this year.

The Preds lost their home-ice advantage with a 2-0 shutout to the non-playoff Blues. That's fewer playoff games to road trip to.

Ottawa canned their coach Cory Clouston and his staff right after their 3-1 loss today to the Bruins. Amazingly, their GM is allowed to keep their job. I have *never* seen something like this before. /sarc

Tim Thomas set the NHL's regular season save percentage record at .938. A record Martin Brodeur doesn't hold? Wow.

Down Goes Brown gives those of us without a playoff team to root for, as well as those who do have one, a reminder in etiquette.

Amazingly enough, the Chicago Blackhawks can still miss the playoffs. Let's go... um... Detroit?

We get the jerseys off their backs. In Philly, they gave away cars. Phoenix? Bling.


Have fun this afternoon at the game. Partake in a tailgate or two in the Gulch, or have a big beer at Gorin's. Win or lose, admit it - we're gluttons for punishment. We'lll be right back in Philips come September.