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Thrashers At Hurricanes GDT: Hey, Maybe We Can Get A Moral Victory

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While not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, the Thrashers' chances are about nil. They didn't get the extra points from the Hurricanes when it mattered, so it stands to reason that they'll win tonight.

Dustin Byfuglien's out with a lower body injury the game after he helped spur an offensive (by Atlanta's standards) onslaught against the Florida Panthers. Paul Postma is up, Ondrej Pavelec is in net, and two points that may or may not mean anything are on the line.

Here's your statistical comparison from, lines after the jump:

66 GP 66
27 W 31
28 L 26
11 OT 9
65 P 71
0.492 P% 0.538
2.74 G/G 2.83
3.14 GA/G 2.97
19.2 PP% 16.7
77.4 PK% 80.9
31.8 S/G 29.9
33.3 SA/G 33.6
49.1 FO% 44.1

Hey, Tim Stapleton fans! Tonight's your lucky night, as the Ultimate Placeholder is on the second line. Again. From Chris Vivlamore: