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Your Links For The End Of March.

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An aside - if someone can help me think of an actual title for these, I would appreciate it. My brain's toast and I'm kind of going through the motions until Friday at 3:30.

Thrashers News:

Oh, good. We have a game tonight against Philadelphia. At least that horrible streak of losing to them's over - I'll take a streak of beating them in OT any day. It's cute how insinuates that there's still hope left for the Thrashers. I mean, Buffalo won last night. We're done. Finito. Fork in us. Stop trying to stretch the story for as many hits as you can get.


Around the NHL:

You know that I have to mention this.

A couple of Quebec City related links. First off, the chairman of the Quebecor media conglomerate chatted team ownership with Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz. I'd be careful if I were Katz... that whole "no new arena = no more Oilers" threat on national television from Gary Bettman might be giving folks ideas.

Also, 14,000 Nordiques fans crammed into their new Le Colisee to watch the Thrashers/Habs game. I'm not sure how the cheering worked out for this one - do you cheer for the Habs so the Thrashers lose and they get relocated to you, or do you cheer for the Thrashers because you remembered how much your team hated the Habs? Or, do you invent an option three and just drink a lot of Molson Export? Decisions, decisions.

Hockey journeyman Doug Weight's considering just retiring after this season. A league without Weight? Wow. I think NHL '94 just has Mark Recchi & Teemu Selanne left out there on the ice.

Continuing in Islanders news, the team's signed Al Montoya to a one year extension. What - no weird revolving goaltending door for next year? Why not?

John McCain is going after Goldwater Institute to try to pressure them to give up the ghost. I don't think that McCain concerns a group that wants to go on Canadian radio to bash Glendale. They're just nasty.