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Your Links For Wednesday, March 30th

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Well, um, how about that Nik Antropov?

Thrashers News:

Thrashers lost 3-1 to the Habs last night. Here's Chris Vivlamore's recap, and here's the gameday storystream from SB Nation Atlanta. Fun fact about last night: Atlanta leads the league in empty net goals with 14. 

Habs Eyes On The Prize wasn't exactly optimistic going into this game. I would say "well, at least we can inspire some defeatism!" but I think that their own three-game shutout streak did that more than the Thrashers did.

Around the NHL:

Tim Thomas had yet another amazing night and blanked the Blackhawks 3-0, making 32 saves on the night.

The Toronto Star takes aim at Leafs fans and basically insinuates that they're idiots for supporting their franchise. Pension Plan Puppets begs to differ.

Speaking of the Leafs, their goalie phenom James Reimer has incorporated a bit of blog-inspired art into his mask. Pretty sweet tip of the cap to the Leafs' bloggers.

Is Patrick Kane the next great American hockey hero? As much as I abhor the Blackhawks and Kane as well, I'm going to have to say yes as long as you don't count goaltenders.

Down Goes Brown breaks down the NHL Awards for all of us.

Pass It to Bulis wants to weed out the not nice Canuck fans. Honestly, I thought they were all pretty cool when they were down here.

I love Brett Hull because he lacks a filter. Sometimes I wish that I could just say whatever I wanted to, regardless of how stupid.