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Tuesday Morning Linkage, Hopefully With Less Thunder

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What about those storms yesterday morning? Good lord. Hopefully they've stayed away this morning and everyone's dogs, cats, and kids slept through the night.

Thrashers News:

As I linked to yesterday, Slater, Meyer, and Cormier are all out. In the same article, Vivlamore gets Ramsay to explain starting Chris Mason three games in a row.

Tonight we'll be seeing Brent Sopel and the Habs for the second time since the trade. Judging that Sopel's only played seven games, and Ben Maxwell just had a two point night, it might be a wash - except for shot blocking. Here's Vivlamore's preview and the NHL's.

The Blue Crew made the top picture on Puck Daddy's links yesterday. I think this has happened quite a few times this season, hasn't it?

Around the NHL:

On the Forecheck has a great piece on the misconceptions of Canadian press and other northern media regarding Southern markets.

The Habs haven't been playing very good hockey recently, and they're looking to tonight's game to break that slump.

TJ Oshie missed a practice for unexcused reasons... the night after North Dakota had a really good game at the Scottrade Center. Draw your own conclusions. The Blues suspended Patrick Berglund for a game for an unexcused absence; the same will probably happen to Oshie.

In a related case, Cam Janssen said the team is pissed off at Teej. Most guys don't announce that in the press. Cam has no filter.

Now the Nordiques' fans are heading to The Rock to annoy the Devils.

Puck Daddy's stat nerd/resident Thrasher fan Matt Barr looks at rebounds and who gives the most up. Impressively, neither one of our goalies is on the list.

Tomas Vokoun is unhappy at missing the playoffs again. How is he just not used to it?


Don't forget to check back later on for the Game Day Thread/preview. Happy Tuesday, everyone.