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Monday Links - Another Week Already?

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Thrashers News:

How's about that win, eh? I am trying to focus on how well the offense played, but my blinders can't ever be big enough to block out the dopy defensive moves and bad goals that the team allowed. Here's Chris Vivlamore's write upBen Wright's recap, and my recap over at SBN Atlanta.

Zach Bogosian and Jim Slater were awarded the Gilner-Reeves Community Service Award at the game for their work with the community. Slater shared the award last season with Marty Reasoner.

Silver Seven Sens considers Craig Anderson to be the game's hero - the reason they were able to get it to OT. I thought he played well, but I really think that the Sens' hero is the Thrashers' inability to hold a lead. Or Dustin Byfuglien's ankle. One or the other.

Around the NHL:

Pension Plan Puppets have a Playoff Death Clock going for the team. Sunday's is a bit terrifying looking.

Islanders defenseman Andy MacDonald decided to call it quits for the season. He'd been playing with a hip issue, and went until the Isles were mathematically eliminated from the playoff race before sitting.

Also from Lighthouse Hockey, a defense of the Islanders franchise and faithful.

A grad student over at Hockey Wilderness is running a survey for her grad school project. Go on and give her a hand.

Marc Savard's having some memory issues, which could mean that his concussion is worse than thought.

On Frozen Blog is having a contest: help design the banner honoring the Panthers' ten straight seasons without a trip to the playoffs. I like the one with the bag over the Panther's head.


Other Stuff:

This isn't hockey related, but how T.J. Simers is allowed to write things like this about Dodger players and be this rude and obnoxious to players is inexcusable. Bloggers get stuff all of the time for being "unprofessional," and I have never read anything a blogger's done that has been as awful as Simers' article. Josh at Tiger's Den counters with a great story about Marcus Thames. It does a wonderful job in making Simers sound even more like an idiot.

As a palate cleanser, Zach Bogosian showed Eric Condra exactly what he thought of his goal: