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Ottawa Senators At Atlanta Thrashers: Three Home Games To Go

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Apologies for the lack of AM links - I was out and aboot last night and thanks to the super nice weather in Woodstock, decided to stay put instead of floating home.

Anyway, today's obnoxiously early game sees the last place (and eliminated) Senators coming back. The last time the Senators were here, everyone fell into the whole "aw, they're icing an AHL team and they're in last place. This should be a snap!" trap, and we saw how well *that* ended up for the Thrashers. Another easy two points gone - which has been the story of this season.

The last game against Vancouver wasn't half bad, so maybe if they play like that against Ottawa we might stand a chance of winning. Of course, the Sens have won seven out of their last ten, and Craig Anderson's been playing fantastically. I refuse to predict anything anymore.

Here're your statistical comparisons:

75 GP 74
29 W 31
37 L 31
9 OT 12
67 P 74
0.447 P% 0.500
2.25 G/G 2.72
2.99 GA/G 3.18
17.0 PP% 18.9
83.6 PK% 76.6
29.0 S/G 31.5
31.0 SA/G 32.5
50.9 FO% 49.0

A friendly reminder if you go down early for lunch - alcohol sales can't start until 12:30 in Fulton Co. I believe. You might as well wait before you head to Gorin's.