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Canucks At Thrashers: Sedins Ready To Face Playoff Nemesis Dustin Byfuglien.

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"Hey, man, get out of my head. And crease."
"Hey, man, get out of my head. And crease."

At least, I'm assuming they're ready to face him. After all, the Vancouver Canucks are probably going to win the President's Trophy, while the Thrashers need a holy intervention to make the playoffs. I really don't think that Vancouver's giving him much thought. I'm still hoping that Craig Ramsay plunks Dustin Byfuglien down in front of Roberto Luongo for old time's sake. It was funny to see Lou try to work his way around Buff last year. It's kind of hard to do.

Tonight's game should be fun at least for the fact that the Canucks are here. They haven't played in Atlanta in over two years - they're not exactly frequent visitors what with the Conference difference, and the fact that they're all the way over in Vancouver. It'll be a treat to see the Sedins in person, since I'm sure that the Thrashers stand a good chance to let the Sedins show the fans in attendance some of their creepy twin skills.

Here's's comparison (hint: Vancouver is really good):

74 GP 73
48 W 31
17 L 30
9 OT 12
105 P 74
0.709 P% 0.507
3.19 G/G 2.74
2.27 GA/G 3.18
24.9 PP% 19.2
85.8 PK% 76.6
32.1 S/G 31.5
30.3 SA/G 32.6
55.1 FO% 49.1

Hey, we can still hope for a win, right?