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Your "Finally, It's Friday!" Links

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Thrashers News:

Thrashers win! In regulation! Don't believe me? Here's the boxscore, as well as the recap.

Here's Chris Vivlamore's take on the win. Rob Schremp is more than happy at his game winning goal.

No rest for the wicked, though, as the Thrashers have to face Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks tonight at Philips Arena.


Around the NHL:

Some "statement game" from the Montreal Canadiens, who lost to the Boston Bruins 7-0. I'm not sure what statement they wanted to make, but I am pretty sure it's not whatever they did last night.

Wysh warned them not to waste this chance... apparently the Habs don't read Puck Daddy pre-game.

Days of Y'Orr had the best preview of that bout last night.

Oh noes! Children were exposed to fighting at a hockey game during a school field trip! Question: how is this a field trip? Seriously - parents can't expect guys to change their game just because there are kids in the audience.

Jonas Hiller was back last night for the Ducks, but Anaheim blew their chance at gaining ground on the Nashville Predators by losing. The West is a total log-jam, and right now the Ducks are on the outside.

Lighthouse Hockey makes the argument that Islanders coach Jack Capuano needs to be their full time bench boss. Judging by how well the Isles have played since he took over, I have to agree. 

The city of Glendale has released a FAQ for whatever the hell is going on there with the Coyotes.

Running With the Devils makes a case for Lemaire to stay behind the bench. I think that the Devils' record since he came back is evidence enough.


Happy Friday, folks. See you back later on for the Game Day Thread. Don't forget, Friday game = 7:30 start, and me being at work = who knows when the GDT'll get up here, since my network doesn't seem to like BWA. Of course, there for a while it thought that Second City Hockey was a "weapons site," so whatever.