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Pipe Dreams: What're Your Hockey Fantasies?

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I want to see this happen in the Finals.
I want to see this happen in the Finals.

No, I did NOT phrase the title of this post so we'd get hits from people searching for "hockey fantasies." Promise. Thought never crossed my mind.

Anywho, they'll be disappointed, because these - one would think - should be free of filth.

Everyone has something that they'd most like to see happen for their team, or even just in general in the NHL - favorite players can play on different squads, there might be a long-suffering team that gets a cookie (other than the Thrashers) - or a team that you really really hate fails at something epically bad.

My hockey fantasy, and it's probably not PC for this site (more appropriate for St. Louis Game Time), is to see the Blues finally win the Stanley Cup and stop being St. Louis' answer to the Chicago Cubs. Hockey fantasy number two is a Nashville Predators/Atlanta Thrashers Stanley Cup final that would completely blow the minds of every holier-than-thou individual who has said in the past that hockey teams from the South are awful. Sure, the Bolts and Canes have won Cups, but have these people noticed that fact? Noooooo.

Anywho, in the comments, leave your hockey fantasies. It can be something simple, or it can be something far-fetched - just because something can't happen doesn't mean that it isn't fun to dream.