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Hump Day Links

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Thrashers News:

Apparently the Thrashers are suffering from a case of SSDC&M (same sh*t, different coach and management). PJ Foley of the Examiner voices that argument quite eloquently.

The Thrashers are picking up the pieces and "moving forward" from Saturday. What else can they do?

Over at Thrashing the Blues, I try to figure out "Who is... the Coon. I mean... the Balkan."


Around the NHL:

Down Goes Brown had to have had a secret camera in Matt Cooke's hearing yesterday.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have something going in that James Reimer kid. PPP looks at his stats, and he's in some good company.

Stat heads, here's some balanced corsi stats from Broad Street Hockey. All I see are numbers.

Marty Reasoner's suit brother filled in for the Panthers' back up Scott Clemmensen during practice today. Not bad - from Wall Street to morning skate in half an hour? Impressive.

Patrick Sharp is expected to miss around three weeks. Tough news for the Blackhawks, who are fighting to maintain playoff position in the Western Conference.

This "Capitals Ups and Downs" weekly feature over at Japer's Rink seems really cool - and like a hell of a lot of work. Wait, no... I forgot. How many "ups" could there possibly be for us right now?


Thrashers Video Of The Day:

The Thrashers invited some Marines to play paintball with them back in 2007. I think that such a team-building/toughening up drill would be good right about now.


Happy Wednesday, everyone. We're almost there.