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Monday, Monday: Links From Around The Net

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Thrashers News:

How'd the ol' playoff odds do yesterday? Haha. No. Seriously, New Jersey and the Rangers both won, and Buffalo lost in overtime.

Honestly, that's all I have for you from the land of the Thrashers' news. No updates from C-Viv since Saturday night.

Around the NHL:

Matt Cooke decided to, well, be Matt Cooke and elbow Ryan McMcDonagh in the head during yesterday's Rangers/Pens game. Cooke got a five minute major and a game misconduct, which helped the Rangers score twice on the Pens. Here's the hit in question:

People are saying that Cooke'll get smacked with a huge suspension for this. How you can even predict the punishment is beyond me. The league's consistency in upholding their rules is about as solid as the officiating is. It's a super flagrant elbow to the head during a national broadcast. I predict... oh... four games. It should be the rest of the season.

One has to wonder if Gary Bettman really cares about the headshot issue. I mean, if 200 Habs fans protesting and an easily replaceable airline threatening to pull advertising doesn't work, I don't know what will.

The Canucks are running away with the Western Conference. Could it be that they run away with the League's top awards, too?

Nazem Kadri scored his first NHL goal the other day. This kid'll be something special. 

Speaking of the Leafs, the fellas over at Pension Plan Puppets aren't fans of Damien Cox, who covers the Leafs for the Toronto Star. If you'll remember, he's the guy who "borrowed" their content and didn't cite it, and then proceeded to bash them and get amazingly defensive on Twitter. It's obvious he hates the team's fans, and probably the team itself, so why follow him on Twitter? Let the #UnfollowDamienCox hashtag fun begin!

Finally, GQ has ranked Montreal Canadiens fans the worst in the league, mostly since they light things on fire after winning a playoff game. Also because they tend to treat their players like crap.


Anyway, have a great Monday everyone. Get a chance to enjoy the nice weather at some point, and hug a high school teacher - this week is graduation testing week. Or, as I like to call it, "hell week."