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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary - Have Some Links To Cure Your Ills

I'm sure that there was lots of alcohol imbibed after (or during) last night's shellacking of the Thrashers. Possibly some ice cream pints went missing as well. Hopefully no one mixed the two, but honestly, I wouldn't blame you if you made a beer float and chugged it after every Buffalo goal.

Thrashers News:

We lost. 

Sabres Won. Die By The Blade seems pretty happy about it. I absolutely cannot imagine why.

The Gwinnett Gladiators made Puck Daddy, and it's not for something good. The guys actually wore these things?


Around the League:

Dominik Hasek, who dropped the puck at last night's game, is going to play just one more season in the KHL. He's 46 and putting up a 2.48 GAA. Good for him.

Speaking of goalies, Rick DiPietro is back from having his face fractured by Brent Johnson. He got himself a 4-3 shootout win in Florida, stopping an OT penalty shot.

The Oilers and Avalanche still have motivation to win games. This is apparently a novel concept.

From BlackIceInAlabama, the Devils are getting good at using the social media. It surprises me, because I figured at his age Lou would be promoting the use of smoke signals.

Fans dislike it when hits to the head knock players out of commission.


Video of the Day:

This should cheer people up. Four minutes of us beating on the Capitals.