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Your Morning Mimosa - Links for Saturday, March 19th

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Is it just me, or does Josefson just look mortified?
Is it just me, or does Josefson just look mortified?

Spring is almost here! How can I tell? The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (and then it's not, and then it is, then it's not), and my black Jeep is suddenly an odd shade of yellow. Anywho, link time.

Thrashers News:

Thrash take on the Sabres tonight. Chris Vivlamore reminds us that it's important. Considering that we're four points behind Buffalo, I would consider that to be an understatement - this game is vital. I do find it funny that the team's dubbed this one "the most important game of the year." It wouldn't have to be had you won a few more games in January and February. Just saying.

CBS Sports previews the game.

Hopefully none of the guys read the Blueland Chronicle, because this'd be that daily dose of realism that might psych them out.

The Toronto Sun has figured out what all of us down here already know - new ownership might be the Thrashers' best hope.

Around the NHL:

Raw Charge is already looking forward to playoff matchups and who they'd like to see in the first round. Personally I would just like to see the Thrashers *get* to the first round.

Speaking of the Bolts news - Vincent Lecavalier is getting no more supplemental discipline after a retaliatory slash on PK Subban. Strong words regarding Subban in here from Vinny, but the best is just from the article itself:

In case you missed it, the two traded shoves, slashes and cross-checks for about 30 seconds before Lecavalier, after a slash across his wrist, turned and put a two-hander on Subban, who went to the ice hard, stayed down and then skated to the bench holding his left arm. The problem with that is Lecavalier's slash hit Subban in the left thigh. Either way, Lecavalier was out of the game.

Someone really needs to teach this kid how to effectively dive.

Barry Melrose Rocks looks at a new epidemic facing the NHL - self inflicted injuries.

The NFL and individuals working for the teams aren't the only ones who hope that there isn't a lockout. The NHL's GMs are hoping that too

James Mirtle looks at what the bubble teams need to do to make it into the playoffs - he has the bar set at 89 points.

Good question posed by Whiter Mage on Japer's Rink - should fans be classy or outrageous? If you realize that at the end of the day it's just a game, then be either.

Thrashers Video Of The Day:

If I can find something interesting, it goes here. Today's video is the drafting of that future franchise cornerstone, Patrik Stefan.


Don't forget to check back later on tonight for the game day thread.