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Morning Cup of Coffee - TGIF, But Without The Flair.

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Thrashers News

Thrashers win! Here's the official recap from Ben Wrightone from Chris Vivlamore, and a probably less perky one from Broad Street Hockey.

C-Viv also has an update on the ownership situation and how that's progressing. Three buyers interested in the Thrashers only and two interested in the Thrashers, Hawks, and Philips Arena. 

Around the NHL

Dany Heatley winds up getting suspended for two games for the elbow to the head of Steve Ott, and unsurprisingly disagrees. Bonus points to Heatley (and I never, ever say that) for poking fun at St. Ott.

When the Canucks come to town, they might be icing half of the Manitoba Moose. Their latest injury victim? Manny Malholtra, who had to have eye surgery after getting hit in the face with a puck.

A Caps fan makes a rap video (I'm sure you saw it on Puck Daddy). Their obsession with Sidney Crosby borders on the absurd and pathological. If you dislike the guy, stop complaining about him.. All he's going to do is either score on you, score a gold medal winning goal, or win a Stanley Cup. The last two of those no one on the Caps has gotten a chance to experience. Also, they poke fun at Atlanta. What does that say about them, considering we kind of owned them this year? The Pensblog has a rebuttal, of course.

Speaking of Sid, he's not retiring. Flyers fans breathe a sigh of relief that they won't have to start cheering for their own team over booing him.