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Morning Coffee Break for Thursday, March 17th

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Just the one puck? Why does it seem like so many more?
Just the one puck? Why does it seem like so many more?

Three dollar green beer tonight at the Thrashers game! It's almost as though they want us to drink. I cannot imagine why.

Thrashers News

The Thrashers are taking a one step at a time approach to the rest of the season. Twelve games left, twelve steps. Coincidence? I think not!

Coach Ramsay remembers Rick Martin, a member of the famed Sabres' French Connection line who passed away this week at the age of 59.


Pretty good write-up on Dan Kamal's son Chris from College Hockey News. Seems like Kamal the Younger's a hot topic.


Around the League

So, did something happen with headshots? Because I'm reading a lot about them, both over at Puck Daddy and at SB Nation's main hub.

Speaking of head shots and cheap shots, Steve Ott is upset about a Dany Heatley elbow. Ott? Upset about a cheap shot? How... odd.

I've often said that misery loves company, and our company are the Columbus Blue Jackets. Ten seasons, one playoff appearance, zero wins. They have a coping program set up so they don't feel the pain as badly. We should too.

The Thrashers aren't the only team for sale. Blues owner Dave Checketts announced yesterday on KMOX that the Blues, the Peoria Rivermen, and Scottrade Center are all up for sale. Of course, some folks on the radio freaked out that they'd move, and it was a possibility in the past - like in the 1970s. The team just sold out every home game this year. I think that they're ok.

In case someone's interested in the Blues or in the Thrashers, Down Goes Brown has come up with a handy application process to get your very own NHL team!

And finally, some retro Thrashers action from 2006 (!) featuring Andy Sutton vs. Jenners. You remember the Morning X, right?