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Thrashers At Devils: Last Time The Two Teams Meet; Who Gains Points On Who? Or Whom. Or Whatever.

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It's late in the season and the Thrashers and Devils are both far enough out that no one in their right mind is thinking playoffs, aside from maybe the players. The Devils' run has been as nice as the Thrashers' run has been terrible, there's no doubt about that. So who here's not glad that this is the last time these two teams, and the last time this season we have to re-hash the ilya Kovalchuk saga on TV broadcasts?

Martin Brodeur vs. Ondrej Pavelec tonight in what will probably be another solid game of goaltending. If the Thrashers want to win, they need to keep the silly penalties to a minimum, and need to have Clint Malarchuk inspirational speakers playing on earbuds in their ears all game long. Honestly, how pitiful can you feel for yourself when you have a guy who was nearly decapitated in his crease telling you to man up?

NHL Statistical Comparison:

69 GP 68
29 W 32
28 L 32
12 OT 4
70 P 68
0.507 P% 0.500
2.77 G/G 2.10
3.13 GA/G 2.54
19.7 PP% 15.4
76.4 PK% 83.8
31.8 S/G 28.8
33.2 SA/G 26.4
49.1 FO% 51.6

If you want any more info on the opposition, head on over to In Lou We Trust and see what the good folks there have to say. Game day thread. Comment. Have fun. And, above all else, don't change the channel if it looks like the Thrashers are about to implode again.