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Atlanta Thrashers at Philadelphia Flyers: It's Time To Play Smarter

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Raise your hand if you liked a single penalty that the Thrashers took last night.


Good. Neither did Ondrej Pavelec. He had this to say after the game:

"It's good we got a point but if you want to make the playoffs you have to win those games. We didn't play smart enough... What do you expect? The referee gave us the chance to win the game. They killed (the penalty) and we didn't score. It's not hard to figure out that the referee is going to look around for us. We didn't play smart enough to win the hockey game. It's unbelievable. We play against those guys- Kovy and Patrik Elias and those guys- they're good on the power play. They're good players. You have to be smart. 5-on-5 we did a good job, but not enough to win the game."

That's about right. Pavelec had an outstanding night, and has so often been the case for the team of late, very few guys kept up their end of the bargain. Of course, Philly is tonight, and they're sitting in the top spot in the Eastern Conference. The last time these two teams met, it was the end of Hothlanta 2011, and I didn't want to risk life and limb to slide to Philips Arena. By halfway through the second period, I had made peace with my decision. Here's to at the very least not allowing five goals tonight. And here's your statistical match-up:

68 GP 67
28 W 42
28 L 19
12 OT 6
68 P 90
0.500 P% 0.672
2.74 G/G 3.18
3.12 GA/G 2.60
19.5 PP% 16.6
77.0 PK% 83.5
31.6 S/G 32.3
33.3 SA/G 30.1
49.1 FO% 50.4