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Atlanta Thrashers At Toronto Maple Leafs: Thrashers Look To Build On Whatever Momentum They Can

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Atlanta Thrashers
@ Toronto Maple Leafs

Monday, Feb 7, 2011, 7:00 PM EST
Air Canada Centre

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If you want to consider Saturday night a momentum builder, the Thrashers might as well go up to Toronto and get some revenge on the Maple Leafs. Same line-up as the last two games, with hopefully a better outcome. A win puts the Thrashers back into 8th place, so all is not lost! Power of positive thought, people. Or something

The statistical comparison from for your persual:

55 GP 52
24 W 21
21 L 26
10 OT 5
58 P 47
0.527 P% 0.452
2.82 G/G 2.48
3.13 GA/G 3.06
19.5 PP% 17.2
76.2 PK% 76.9
30.3 S/G 29.2
34.3 SA/G 29.7
49.3 FO% 50.0

The FO% has taken a beating sans Jim Slater, and heaven knows that the PK% has plummeted too.

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