Anson Carter Rumored to be Part of Potential New Ownership

Rumors have ex-Bruin Dancin’ Anson Carter, now living in Atlanta, as part of a group interested in buying the Thrashers. Long interested in a career in the music industry, Carter, 36, wrapped up his hockey days with Lugano (Switzerland) in 2007-08 - from Kevin Paul Dupont, Boston Globe hockey writer's Sunday column

Here is some info about Carter's life after hockey from a Michigan State site:

"Carter resides in Atlanta with his wife Erika, two daughters Mikayla and Malia, along with Zeus their great dane. He is the founder of Big Up Entertainment, and he’s also the Chairman/ Co-Founder of an apparel company called SOMB. SOMB stands for "shirt off my back" ( SOMB is a premium, eco-friendly apparel line built on a one for one model. SOMB donates a full school uniform to a child in Africa every time it sells an item of clothing."

Carter's partners in SOMB (which is based in LA) are listed as Anders Bard, Will Bennett, and James Williams, "a movie producer, a Wharton Business School grad and an investment banker"

Bard's film credits include "I Love You Man" (co-producer) and "Along Came Polly" (starred Ben Stiller and Jennifer Anniston). I have no idea if Bard (or Williams or Bennett) are involved in this rumored group but if you look at Bard's facebook page, the picture he's chosen to represent him shows him at an ice rink, striking a pose next to a youth hockey player (his son?). Bard grew up in Montreal, worked for Jerry Bruckheimer and has played in Bruckheimer's legendary (?) Hollywood hockey games.

Anson Carter was a personable and popular player everywhere he played. Having a personable minority group member as part of an ownership team would score big with the NHL powers that be and in theory at least would have a positive impact in Atlanta.

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