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Maple Leafs at Thrashers GDT: Dear God, Not Another Blowout.

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We are so all kinds of with you, buddy.

Maybe Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur'll take it easy on us this time. Upshot of today's game? No Ben Eager to get a game misconduct! Downside? Colby Armstrong'll probably still yap and tick someone off. I never realized that Brian Burke looked for verbal truculence. I just thought he wanted players who "played with an edge." Eh, one out of two ain't bad for Army, I suppose.

Anywho, of course, feel free to wander over to Pension Plan Puppets and tell the nice fellas there hi. Remember - #leafssince67 might be fun to toss at them, but they can still counter with "Yeah, well, we've won a Cup." Try #we'vemadetheplayoffssincethelockout. That one at least has no comeback.