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Here Kitteh, Kitteh, Kitteh: Panthers At Thrashers GameDay Thread

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Have You Seen This Penalty Killer?
Have You Seen This Penalty Killer?

Big, big, BIG five game homestand coming up here tonight, and we're starting off with a team that'll probably be one of the Eastern Conference's biggest sellers, if it isn't already. No Frolik, no Stillman... still a Vokoun, which is fine, because he's been atrocious this year against the Thrashers. I think the Ballard incident scarred him for life. Speaking of the Ballard incident...


via, and used a TON over on Nucks Misconduct

Anywho, have a beer or dos, if you're coming to the game early look for the apparently huge-a-mous crowd of tables squished together in the CNN Center, as a bunch of Twitter-folks have arranged a random TweetUp, and if you want a way to kill some time before the game that doesn't involve alcohol, check out this awesome analysis of the Panthers and Thrashers organizations from Litter Box Cats.

[timmyf: I should be at CNN early and I'll also be at Taco Mac after the game. I'm the nerdy bearded dude in the Byfuglien away jersey. Come say hi! PS Anybody think we should nab Marco Sturm off waivers?]