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Good God, Another Battle for Eighth Place?!?

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This is going to go on all season long, so you might as well gird your loins and get used to it. Tampa Bay did Atlanta absolutely no favors last night through their minute of implosion, and allowed the Hurricanes to come back and get a point in overtime. The Buffalo Sabres are just three points behind the Thrashers and have been playing better hockey recently than both Atlanta and Carolina - both of which have won only one game since the All-Star break. Oh, and they also have played four fewer games than Atlanta, too.

No pressure.

Thankfully, the New York Rangers are still going along with their worst losing streak in seasons, and a win tonight by the Thrashers and a Pittsburgh win over the Rangers would put Atlanta into seventh place in the Conference for right now. Hopefully the Pens are sufficiently ticked off enough from Friday night to hand the Rangers loss numero seven.

Tonight's team comparison from

56 GP 57
26 W 25
22 L 22
8 OT 10
60 P 60
0.536 P% 0.526
2.88 G/G 2.84
3.02 GA/G 3.14
18.1 PP% 19.8
79.5 PK% 76.0
30.8 S/G 30.5
33.9 SA/G 34.1
44.3 FO% 49.3
Happy game day, everyone. If you're at the game, be mindful of Thrash. It's the obligatory Valentine's Day game, and he might be dressed as Cupid again. In just a diaper. On a kids' day. Shield your eyes!