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Five Game Report Card: Games Forty-Six through Fifty

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It's starting to get ugly. Sure, before this point the Thrashers had a bad game here and there, but it typically averaged out over a five-game period. It is averaging out no longer. Over this period, the Thrashers nearly went 0.500, but gave up almost twice as many goals as they scored and went a dismal 64.7% on the penalty kill.

Now, even that 64.7% is deceiving: 60% of the time, the Thrashers penalty kill worked every time [I expect somebody to give us an image for this one], shutting out Philadelphia, Tampa, and the New York Rangers, but giving up 4 power play goals to Dallas on just 5 chances and 2 goals to Florida's 30th-ranked PP on 5 attempts. It seems that the PK is highly inconsistent.

Oddly enough, the only Thrasher who comes away looking good in this stretch is Nik Antropov. He's looked pretty rough all year, and while it's good to see him bring his numbers up some, we're going to need the rest of the team to respond if we want to win a playoff spot.

Also, does anybody else have a nagging sense of deja vu? Strong start to the season followed by a complete collapse in the winter? Sounds like last year, yes? I'm hoping to run a comparison of the two seasons in the next few days, so keep your heads up for that. For now, check out the stats below...

Over This Five Game Period

  • Record: 1-2-2 (0.400 PP%)
  • Goals Scored/Allowed: 9/17 (0.529)
  • PP%/PK%: 15.4%/64.7%
  • Goal Leaders: Ladd, Stewart (2 each), Little, Bergfors, Thorburn, Peverley, Antropov (1 each)
  • Assist Leaders: Enstrom, Antropov (3 each), Little, Bergfors (2 each)
  • Point Leaders: Antropov (4), Little, Ladd, Bergfors, Enstrom (3 each)
  • +/- Leaders/Trailers: Stapleton, Dawes, Antropov (+2 each), Bogosian, Burmistrov, Kane (-3 each)
  • Team +/-: Minus-19
  • Shot Leaders: Byfuglien (25), Bergfors (16), Ladd (14)
  • Blocked Shot Leaders: Sopel (13), Hainsey, Enstrom (11 each)
  • Hit Leaders: Byfuglien (16), Stewart, Boulton (11 each)
  • Faceoff Leaders: Peverley (61-for-109, 56.0%), Little (42-for-83, 50.6%)
On the Season Ranks (as of January 24th)
  • Points %: 0.539, 20th
  • Goals Scored: 2.90, T-9th
  • Goals Allowed: 3.14, T-26th
  • 5-on-5 GF/GA: 0.96, 18th
  • Power Play: 20.6%, T-8th
  • Penalty Kill: 75.6%, 29th