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Gameday: Rangers at Thrashers

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If you're a Thrashers fan in Atlanta, you really should be at tonight's game. No exceptions. (Okay, maybe some exceptions.) For those of you who will be stuck at home watching on TV, feel free to chat about the game below. Oh wait, the game's not on TV! Bummer. Hopefully you guys can all find some other way to watch it...

It's an important game for Atlanta. The Rangers are just ahead of the Thrashers in the standings with an extra three points and equal games played. A regulation win tonight puts the Thrashers just a point out of 7th and would hopefully give them some breathing room ahead of the surging Carolina Hurricanes, two points back with two games in hand (and playing Pittsburgh tonight.)

Here's your stats from

49 GP 49
27 W 23
19 L 18
3 OT 8
57 P 54
0.582 P% 0.551
2.80 G/G 2.96
2.41 GA/G 3.08
16.2 PP% 21.2
83.3 PK% 75.6
29.0 S/G 30.9
30.4 SA/G 34.4
45.9 FO% 49.3