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Five Game Report Card: Games Forty-One through Forty-Five

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Once again, apologies for the tardiness of the Five Game Report Card. This set of stats covers from the 3-1 loss to New Jersey through the 4-3 loss to Carolina. Despite the horrific 9-3 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Thrashers managed a point per game over this period and were just a team -9. What went so wrong? Well, the penalty kill absolutely fell apart, going just 61% over these five games. I always say that it's even-strength play that matters except in extreme cases, and the Thrashers' PK is starting to look extremely bad.

In other news, you know who else is looking pretty rough? Rich Peverley. Despite leading the team with three goals, Peverley was a team second-worst -3 and his faceoff percentage fell precipitously. Perhaps he's sick or just hasn't been eating his waffles, but keep an eye on Peverley. We need him to play better in order to win games.

Also during this period, the Thrashers lost faceoff powerhouse Jimmy Slater and power forward Evander Kane. These things... they are not good.

Over This Five Game Period

  • Record: 2-2-1 (0.500 P%)
  • Goals Scored/Allowed: 14/21 (0.667) 
  • PP%/PK%: 22.2%/61.1%
  • Goal Leaders: Peverley (3), Little, Ladd, Bergfors, Byfuglien (2 each)
  • Assist Leaders: Enstrom (6), Ladd (3), Bogosian, Bergfors, Stewart, Antropov (2 each)
  • Point Leaders: Enstrom (7), Ladd (5), Bergfors (4)
  • +/- Leaders/Trailers: Little, Cormier, Thorburn (+2 each), Stapleton, Oduya, Antropov (-2 each), Peverley (-3), Boulton (-4)
  • Team +/-: Minus-9
  • Shot Leaders: Byfuglien (25), Peverley (20), Little (12)
  • Blocked Shot Leaders: Enstrom (14), Hainsey (13), Sopel (12)
  • Hit Leaders: Thorburn (15), Cormier (13), Bogosian (12)
  • Faceoff Leaders: Cormier (20-for-32, 62.5%), Peverley (43-for-99, 43.4%)
Again, because I'm so far behind, I'm not going to post on-the-season numbers at this time. I'll try to get another 5GRC up early this week with some up-to-date numbers.