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Rookie Camp Day 3

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Just a few quick comments. Once again Pettersson was the best player on the ice scoring goals and hitting people. He just looks quicker than most of the other guys. He is older than many other prospects so it shouldn't be surprising that he stands out.

Zubarev had a nice hit and showed some offensive flair. He really is not a big guy, but the way he skates he has a low center of gravity.


Today I saw some nice flashes from Burmistrov. He has disappointed me a little bit so far. During a 1 on 1 drill the defenseman looked like he had Burmistrov contained on the outside but Alex held the puck out, got low to the ice and used some great leg power to beat him to the net. On another play Burmistrov used his speed to back off the D at the blue line and create space, he then used that space to do a toe-drag snap shot combination that was beautiful to behold. Sebastian Owuya had a pretty goal and showed some fair out there today.


Juian Melchiori has me excited about his long term potential. Right now he's a young guy who sometimes falls for the moves of more experienced forwards, but his size and skating ability are NHL. He's keeping his head above water against some talented guys and should continue to develop into a quality blueliner.

Cormier was more noticeable today, playing like an energy guy. Telegin also had some nice shifts. Esposito is moving surprisingly well, his conditioning and stamina will likely improve with time. Chiarot looks like he is in better shape. Paquette looked great this summer and is still showing me things on the ice.

Timmyf will observe Thursday's scrimmage and give you his thoughts.