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A Potential Glut on the Blueline

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Thrashers fans were a bit shocked earlier when Rick Dudley suggested Dustin Byfuglien might play as a defensemen... and with good reason: our blueline is starting to look a little full. We've got a pretty full slate:

  1. Zach Bogosian
  2. Tobias Enstrom
  3. Ron Hainsey
  4. Johnny Oduya
  5. Brent Sopel
  6. Boris Valabik
  7. Arturs Kulda
  8. Paul Postma
Dudley then went and signed Freddy Meyer who would compete with Valabik and Kulda for the last roster spot. 8 guys competing for 6 spots. Dan Kamal's thrown another straw on the camel's back:

Defenseman Andrei Zubarev has been in town since Monday and participated in the informal skate today. He has good size and looked sharp.

If Zubarev wasn't planning on signing with the Thrashers and playing here, it'd be a little odd for him to be here skating with the team. So... 9 guys competing for 6 spots? Folks, the blueline is looking a bit crowded...